Administration & Finance Policies

Administration & Finance has developed an alphanumeric indexing system for its Policies, where each Policy is identified with the letters "AF" and a three digit number. Each 100 series signifies a different department, and the Policies are listed chronologically for each department. For example, the Workers' Compensation Policy is AF201, where AF signifies the Administration & Finance cabinet area and 201 signifies that it is chronologically the first Policy under Enterprise Risk Management, whose Policies are contained in the 200 series.

Budget Administration & Operations
Name Number Effective Date
Budget Transfers AF101 Jul 2007
New Position Request AF102 Oct 2014
Enterprise Risk Management
Name Number Effective Date
Driver's Safety Program AF202 May 2012
TPM - Solicitation Directive AF 204 May 2024
University Tabling AF203 Oct 2021
Workers' Compensation AF201 Oct 2003
Environment, Health, and Safety
Name Number Effective Date
Asbestos AF303 Aug 2015
Environment, Health, and Safety AF301 Jul 2015
Injury Illness Prevention Program AF302 Jul 2015
Regulatory Inspections AF305 Jan 2017
Required Attire For Entry Into Laboratories Where Hazardous Materials Are Used or Stored AF304 Oct 2015
Facilities Services
Name Number Effective Date
Access Control AF405 Sep 2014
Energy Services AF403 Aug 2006
Facilities Service Requests AF402 Jan 2003
Fleet Services AF401 Nov 1998
Recharge AF404 Jul 2007
Housing, Dining & Conference Services
Name Number Effective Date
Altering or Waiving Established HDCS Fees Practice AF601 Jan 2013
Employee & Family Housing Licensing Practice AF603 July 2015
License Agreement Enforcement Practice AF602 July 2013

Human Resources

Human Resources' policies can now be found on their Policies, Practice Directives and Guidelines webpage. For guidance and more information, please reach out to or

Information Technology Services

Name Number Effective Date
Access to Separated Employee Data AF826

Aug 2018

Administrative Account Access Control AF801

Aug 2006

Application Development and Deployment AF806

Sep 2010

Change Control AF804

Jun 2010

Cloud Based Storage AF823

Feb 2017

Cloud Computing AF824

Feb 2017

Confidential Data AF802

Aug 2022

Domain Name System (DNS) and IP Address Management AF818

Dec 2012

Electronic Signatures AF827

Sep 2018

Employee Email AF822

May 2016

Incident Management AF813

Aug 2011

Mobile Device AF825

Sept 2021

Network AF817

Jul 2012

Online Directory AF821

Jun 2015

Supported Operating Systems AF820

Sept 2021

Password AF803

Apr 2010

Patch Management AF805

Sept 2021

Responsible Use Policy (RUP) AF819

Nov 2013

Safeguarding Information AF811

Aug 2011

Secure E-Waste and Paper Disposal AF812

Jan 2022

Security Logging AF815 Feb 2022
Student Email AF814

Oct 2021

Unified Communications AF829

Dec 2019

Vulnerability Management AF830 Mar 2022
Web Application Development and Security AF807

Oct 2010

Web Pages AF816

Jun 2012

Workstation Management AF828

Nov 2021

Name Number Effective Date
Direct Payment/Low Value Purchase AF901

Sept 2022

Shipping & Receiving and Mail Services AF902

Jun 2017