Our Projects

Audit Services

Audit Services serves as a liaison between San Francisco State University and external audit agencies. Audit Services also assists the University in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the organization's governance, risk management, and internal controls.


Project Title Description Start Date Complete Date Collaborators
Decentralized Computing Document submission memorandum and management plan for observations 1-6 were submitted   March 2023 Advancement Services;
Associated Students, Inc.;
College of Health & Social Sciences;
Disability Programs and Resource Center; 
Graduate College of Education;
Library Administration
Reporting and tracking Create a new report template to track and inform the administration of audits in progress March 2023 September 2023  
University Corporation Scheduled for FY 23-24 October 2023   University Corporation

Change Management

Quality Assurance applies the Prosci methodology for change management to prepare, equip, and support departments moving through changes. The change management methodology is a structured and flexible methodology that allows change practitioners to apply and develop strategies/plans that assist with the adoption and usage of a particular initiative.


Project Title Description Start Date Complete Date Collaborators
Procurement assessment project Develop and deliver a change management plan for the Procurement assessment project (ADKAR assessment summary) November 2022 Fall 2023 Procurement
Change management service Design the change management service for the Quality Assurance department website February 2023 September 2023 Information Technology Services

Electronic Signatures

Quality Assurance has facilitated the campus adoption and implementation of DocuSign, an electronic signature solution tool. The use of electronic signatures has streamlined campus processes, enhanced security, and compliance, and provided a sustainable way to conduct University business.


Project Title Description Start Date Complete Date Collaborators
PowerForm Improvement  Work with campus departments to improve their PowerForm conversion rates September 2023 December 2023 General Accounting


All Administration & Finance practice directives are maintained by Quality Assurance on the Policies and Practice Directives website. Quality Assurance also works collaboratively with departments to develop and update their practice directives and procedures by conducting research on best practices, creating draft documents, and providing an opportunity for customer feedback. As policy specialists, Quality Assurance and Audit Services provide guidance and solutions to inquiries regarding policy matters. 


Project Title Description Start Date Complete Date Collaborators
Cost Recovery Policy Updated and formatted policy for campus feedback and comment; Finalize policy and respective webpage for campus consumption June 2023 July 2023 Administration & Finance management; 
Associate VP, Facilities Services
Key Management Policy

Review and incorporate campus feedback into the draft key policy for official external campus feedback and review; Create communication materials in preparation for the new key management system installations; Created and presented alignment materials and Key Lifecycle to key campus stakeholders; Preparing to schedule second-round meetings with impacted groups

February 2023 October 2023 Facilities Services;
Human Resources
Communication plan Create a communication plan related to current and new policies March 2023 October 2023 Strategic Marketing and Communications
Native American Grave Protection and
Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and California
Collaborating with campus management to coordinate, update, and format the Policy for the campus community April 2023  

SF State's Tribal Hospitality

PolicyStat assessment Conduct an assessment on PolicyStat; consult with Academic Technology on the PolicyStat contract and migration details, and submit recommendations to leadership regarding the PolicyStat platform February 2023   Academic Technology

Process Improvement

As the campus subject matter expert on continuous process improvement, Quality Assurance is committed to using best practices to optimize various departments’ operations and services. Leveraging available technology, Quality Assurance works with departments to redesign and implement processes that are more customer-oriented and streamlined.


Project Title Description Start Date Complete Date Collaborators
Youth Protection Program (YPP) business process Streamline Youth Protection Program business processes; 75 youth programs (550+ youths) were on campus in FY 22/23 (project summary)   December 2023 Enterprise Risk Management
EOC process development Created five EOC forms to support the Finance/Admin section's functions and Planning P to provide a graphic representation of the operational period planning cycle; Implement the EOC financial structure, spending authority, and the electronic accounting processes for the Finance/Admin section May 2023 December 2023 Office of Emergency Services
Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT) Discussions Schedule monthly meetings with representatives from across campus to discuss process improvement ideas for campus business processes, functions, and activities May 2023 Ongoing Financial Services;
Information Technology Services;
Human Resources;