Change Management

To further support the University and lead change management efforts, the Executive Director of Quality Assurance & Audit Services and Quality Assurance team members completed Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program. As Change Management Practitioners, the Quality Assurance team can guide individual departments through change and address potential roadblocks or barrier points to progress. Change is dependent on every individual successfully adopting the change. The goal for any change is to ensure every individual achieves their best performance, communicates and collaborates effectively with the campus community, and enhances the overall experience at San Francisco State University.


What is Change Management?

Change Management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change. Change management assists with preparing, equipping, and supporting individuals through their change.

When is Change Management needed? 

Change Management strategies are created based on the type of change and the size and impact of the change. Examples of change management include: 

  • Adoption of a new and/or updated business process
  • Implementation of a new technology
  • Change in management personnel or style
  • Re-branding

Why is Change Management important?

With excellent change management, individuals can adopt the change more proficiently, stay engaged with their organization, understand why the change is happening, and have the time and tools to feel heard and supported. When change is done well, the project initiatives are successful and the expected benefits are realized. The success of any initiative, project, or process ultimately lies with each person adopting the change.

Change Management Methodology

Quality Assurance applies and facilitates Prosci's Change Management methodology to assist individuals throughout their change journeys. We understand that change takes time and requires an integrated approach with multiple touchpoints to ensure the successful adoption of the changes. Our approach is based on a combination of the following:  


Observe, engage with, and understand the supporting and resistance forces for individuals embracing and adopting change.


Analyze the current state and plan practical and simple strategies that will address the needs of individuals during times of change.


Gain awareness and knowledge of crucial ideas and practice with tools that will equip individuals for managing change effectively.


Apply the skills and knowledge for the change and allocate reinforcement resources to ensure the change is successful.

At each stage of an individual’s change journey, our team will carefully analyze their readiness for change and strategize and plan for the needs of each individual. Our team will also devise a communication and engagement plan and supporting mechanisms to instruct, reinforce, and drive the desired changes. Before, during, and after the go live date, Quality Assurance will perform a gap analysis to see where small changes can be made.

Additional Resources

To learn more about Change Management or request for Change Management services, please feel free to email Quality Assurance at or submit a request using the Project Request Form.