Past Achievements

Quality Assurance prioritizes process improvement initiatives, enforces operational internal controls, and facilitates cross-divisional collaboration as well as policy development. Below are summaries of the achievements that we have delivered in recent years (organized by programs). To see what we're currently working on, please visit Our Projects page.

Program Description Collaborator(s)
Electronic Signatures Standardized the campus honorarium request process Human Resources;
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Electronic Signatures Updated hiring paperwork packet to accommodate a process change issued by the State Controller Office Faculty Affairs; 
Human Resources

Collaborated with Accounts Payable and Financial Services to develop a Travel Advisory including general reminders of the CSU Travel Policy as well as campus-specific additions for distribution. 

Financial  Services;
Accounts Payable;
Enterprise Risk Management

Policy  Formatted and prepared the Time, Place, and Manner (TPM) - Solicitation Directive for campus feedback. Directive approved and enacted.  Enterprise Risk Management;
Program Description Collaborator(s)
Audit Services Documents submitted and accepted by Chancellor's Office Audit & Advisory Services for the Associated Students' Audit Associated Students, Inc.;
Auxiliary Business Services
Audit Services Documents submitted and accepted by the Chancellor's Office Audit & Advisory Services for the Creative Arts Replacement Building Audit  Capital Planning, Design & Construction;
University Corporation
Audit Services Documents submitted and accepted by the Chancellor's Office Audit & Advisory Services for the Decentralized Computing Audit  Advancement Services;
Associated Students, Inc.;
College of Health & Social Sciences;
Disability Programs and Resource Center; 
Graduate College of Education;
Library Administration
Change Management Develop and deliver a change management plan for the Procurement assessment project (ADKAR assessment summary) Procurement
Change Management Design the change management service for the Quality Assurance department website Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures DocuSign early renewal was approved and signed, resulting in $60,000 of savings Procurement
Electronic Signatures Build a project intake process and potentially Tech Governance Committee (EAB) Technology Governance Committee
Electronic Signatures Document the savings to the University for focused efforts on streamlining campus operations Faculty Affairs;
Financial Aid;
Human Resources;
Student Affairs
Electronic Signatures Collaborated with campus departments to improve their PowerForm conversion rates General Accounting
Policy Updated and formatted the Cost Recovery policy for campus feedback and comment; Enacted policy and finalized respective webpage for campus

Administration & Finance management; 
Associate VP of Facilities Services

Policy  Collaborated with campus management to coordinate, update, and format the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and California NAGPRA (CalNAGPRA) Policy for the campus community SF State's Tribal Hospitality
Policy Conducted an assessment on PolicyStat Academic Technology


Updated and re-formatted the Key Management Policy for campus feedback

Facilities Services;
Human Resources

Process Improvement Migrated AY 2023/24 Financial Aid student-facing processes (48) to DocuSign Financial Aid
Process Improvement Created five EOC forms to support the Finance/Admin section's functions and Planning P to provide a graphic representation of the operational period planning cycle; Implement the EOC financial structure, spending authority, and the electronic accounting processes for the Finance/Admin section Office of Emergency Services
Program Description Collaborator(s)
Change Management Quality Assurance staff completed Prosci certification to become Change Management Practitioners  
Electronic Signatures Completed the DocuSign/OnBase integration for HR operational enhancement Human Resources; 
Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures Developed ServiceNow dashboards to provide insight into customers' needs and establish baseline metrics Information Technology Services
Policy Launched the updated Policy and University Executive Directive (UED) Approval Form for campus use  
Policy Outdoor Plaques and Landscape Enhancements Policy was successfully enacted University Advancement
Process Improvement Assisted with Direct Payment/Low-Value Purchase Policy updates and enactment; Updated existing Direct Payment Request templates and created new templates for unauthorized transactions; Facilitated communication to campus about the changes to the policy and the updated and new templates Accounts Payable;
Process Improvement Assisted with the Classification & Compensation Request updates (i.e., budget review and submission process); Gathered feedback from key stakeholders; Established the DocuSign template for the new process Human Resources
Process Improvement Continued to facilitate the development of workplace scenarios, health and safety strategies, and building access; Ensured the campus return website content was current and aligned with campus guidelines; Liaised with key campus departments regarding their pandemic responses Campus Budget & Logistic Committee
Process Improvement Converted AY2022/23 Financial Aid student-facing processes (41) to DocuSign; Incoming and current SF State students were able to submit electronic Financial Aid forms to the University securely Financial Aid;
Information Technology Services
Process Improvement Updated and delivered the redesign for the Performance Evaluation Process; the redesign included updated forms and the creation of new DocuSign templates and PowerForms and instructional visualization Human Resources
Program Description Collaborator(s)
Audit Services Assisted with developing the search criteria for the new CPA firm University Corporation
Audit Services Assisted with developing SF State's Youth Protection Program (YPP) Enterprise Risk Management
Audit Services Re-designed the Audit Services webpage to educate the University on the California State University’s (CSU) audit process and SF State’s Internal Audit Reports Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures

Facilitated the update and rollout of approximately 10 Administration & Finance Forms in DocuSign

Accounts Payable;
Budget Administration & Operations;
Business Operations;
Enterprise Risk Management;
Human Resources
Electronic Signatures Migrated DocuSign and Quality Assurance websites to Drupal 8 Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures Restructured the DocuSign ServiceNow service catalogue to enhance customer support services for the campus community Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures Scheduled virtual drop-in hours and fundamental Zoom training to allow SF State users to connect with QA team members and get access to real-time feedback  
Policy Renamed Policies and Procedures to Policies; Consolidated the website into Administration & Finance's (A&F) website with an additional Campus Governance component; Streamlined and standardized policy approval processes  
Process Improvement Developed guidance on preparation to return, workplace scenarios, health & safety strategies, and building access; Established the Face-to-Face Operations Request Form; Established Activity Request Form for activities, meetings, or events that do not fall within normal business operations Campus Budget & Logistic Committee
Public Records Requests and Subpoenas Created and launched the Public Records Requests and Subpoenas webpage to provide the University and process servers guidelines and updates on SF State's service process  
Public Records Requests and Subpoenas Streamlined and centralized the service process to the Human Resources Office; Trained HR front desk staff on best practices (i.e., terminology and reasons to accept or reject service processors) Human Resources;
University Counsel
Program Description Collaborator(s)
Electronic Signatures Completed DocuSign Program Maturity and Return on Investment (ROI) analyses DocuSign;
Enterprise Risk Management;
Financial Services;
Human Resources;
University Corporation
Electronic Signatures DocuSign was approved for use with Level 1 data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), except PCI (credit card information) or HIPAA (medical records) data Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures Established a process for returning and potential SF State students to submit verification documents to the Office of Financial Aid; Financial Aid staff acknowledged submissions within 24 hours Information Technology Services;
Office of Financial Aid
Electronic Signatures

Expanded usage of electronic signatures to SF State students; In consultation with the Information Security Office (ISO), developed the Security Matrix

Information Technology Services
Electronic Signatures Electronic Signatures tool was approved for all University-related business processes that involved external parties Information Technology Services
Process Improvement Redesigned A&F, DocuSign, and Quality Assurance's website with an emphasis on user-centered designs, well-organized information, and useful redundancy Disability Programs and Resource Center;
Information Technology Services
Process Improvement Streamlined the fund distribution for the Hope Crisis Fund

Division of Student Life;
Financial Services;
University Corporation