US Bank Departmental Travel Card


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Financial Services


Accounts Payable

Contact Information: 

David Chelliah / Manager Accounts Payable and Fiscal Services / 415-338-2367

Effective Date: 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


ICSUAM 5251 - Corporate Cards (Employee Personal Liability Credit Cards)


The Departmental Travel Card is to be used for purchasing travel and travel-related services on behalf of the University. Procurement cards be used to improve the efficiency, flexibility and convenience related to purchasing, and paying for goods and certain approved services.


The Departmental Travel Cardholder/Travel Liaison will be responsible for making travel arrangements for individual and/or group travel for:

  • Students or Student Group Traveling on University Business
  • Transactions for University staff/faculty who do not have a Personal Liability Travel Card (Airfare and Registration Fee)
  • Non-University employees (including Candidates for a position, speakers, guest lecturers and other individuals authorized by the University)         

The Departmental Travel Card can be used for the following travel expenses:

  • Airfare (Domestic and Foreign)
  • Registration Fees (Domestic and Foreign)