Secure E-Waste and Paper Disposal


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Information Technology Services

Contact Information: 

Nish Malik / Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services / (415) 405-4105 /

Effective Date: 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Revised Date: 

Monday, February 7, 2022


Information Security Responsible Use Policy

CSU Information Security Policy and Standards


The purpose of this Policy is to describe SF State's campus-wide Secure E-waste and Paper Disposal Program.


SF State's Secure E-waste and Paper Disposal Program is designed to protect the security of campus information assets and to save money. The policies below are effective immediately:

  • All e-waste (electronic media, computers, monitors, PDAs, phones, etc.) must be disposed of according to the campus procedures outlined below, and in accordance CSU Records Retention policy.
  • Property Survey Request Form must be completed, regardless of the original purchase price or salvage value of the device, for any e-waste device capable of storing information after its power has been removed.
  • E-waste devices that are capable of storing information, after their power has been removed, must have their storage wiped before disposal. Campus functional units are responsible for implementing, maintaining, and documenting the process used to do so. 
  • All paper containing sensitive information must be discarded in secure disposal bins.  Personal office shredders are not recommended because shredded paper does not get recycled.

Secure E-Waste Destruction, Recycling, and Resale

Once a Property Survey Form has been submitted and persistent data has been wiped, e-waste devices must be disposed of. To this end Sustain SF State now provides a Secure E-Waste Program. Please visit the Office of Sustainability’s Zero Waste Guide for details on their program. 

Secure Paper Shredding and Recycling

SF State has a campus-wide vendor contract for secure paper disposal. All paper containing sensitive information must be discarded in the locked blue bins. These bins must be placed in a staffed office or otherwise secured. This service should be used instead of personal office shredders wherever possible, as waste from personal shredders is not recycled.