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Contact Information: 

Robert Andrews / Associate Vice President of Facilities Services / / 415-405-3835

Effective Date: 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Revised Date: 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


ICSUAM 8060 - Access Control


  1. To promote campus security while maintaining reasonable usability of academic Facilities.
  2. To maintain accountability for the campus-control system, including key and key card duplication and distribution.


Access Control Systems are in place to protect SFSU students, staff, faculty and assets by providing a safe, secure and accessible environment. This Policy details roles, responsibilities and procedures to best manage the access control system.

Who the Policy applies to:

This Policy describes the control, issuance and use of keys to Campus, General Fund facilities, Student Health Center and Student Services Building and maintain access to facilities, while safeguarding the personal safety of the campus community and protecting the property of San Francisco State University. For the application of this Policy, the term "key" applies to traditional metal keys and the term "card key" applies to electronic access cards. For the purpose of this Policy and associated procedures, the terms are used interchangeably except where noted.

Why the Policy is necessary:

Successful lock and key control requires the efforts of several parties, including: Facilities & Service Enterprises, which designs and maintains the integrity of the system; Departments, which safeguard facilities under their use by maintaining proper key assignment and security systems, and individual faculty, staff and students, who safeguard assigned keys from loss or theft, and report these occurrences immediately to Campus Police.


Facilities & Service Enterprise: This department is responsible for:

  1. Creating and maintaining the University’s Lock and Key Control system,   including schematics, codes, service equipment, and product standards;
  2. Issuing keys and keeping key information on file, including:
  • Lock and key control system
  • Inventory of locks and hardware
  • Keys issued to and returned by individuals through the key management software;
  1. Changing or replacing locks;
  2. Stocking necessary hardware and supplies.

Departments: Departments are responsible for:

  1. Designating requestor(s) within the department, who accepts key requests and       submit key requests to an approver;
  2. Designating a key approver(s) within the department, who authorizes requests for issuance of keys based on minimum access requirement to fulfill person’s work responsibility;
  3. Notifying Facilities of personnel change (Designated key requestor and or approver);
  4. Insuring facilities assigned to them are properly secured;
  5. Reporting lost or stolen keys immediately to Facilities & Service Enterprises;
  6. Requesting lock or key related service from Facilities & Service Enterprises.

Human Resource Department: This department is responsible for:

  • Promptly notifying Facilities and Service Enterprises about employee termination.

University Police Department: This department is responsible for:

  • Documenting incident of lost or stolen keys, as reported to the Police Department and issuing document to the person reporting the incident. 

Policy Details

General Guidelines:

All locking devices, regardless of type, must be installed with the approval of Facilities & Service Enterprises or the Department of Public Safety. Unauthorized locks, padlocks and security devices that are not compatible with the campus master keys/card key access system are subject to immediate removal at the expense of the installer.

The unauthorized fabrication, possession or use of keys/card keys to access San Francisco State University facilities and structures are a violation of California Penal Code 469 and no person shall replace without permission, damage, tamper with or vandalize any university lock or security device, as per the following provision;

 “Any person who knowingly makes, duplicates, causes to be duplicated, or uses, or attempts to make, duplicate, cause to be duplicated, or use, or has in his possession any key to a building or other area owned, operated, or controlled by the State of California, any state agency, board, or commission, a country, city, or a public school or community college district without authorization from the person in charge of such building or area or his designated representative and with knowledge of the lack of such authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year, or both such fine and imprisonment."

University keys are the property of the State of California and may be recovered at any time by the University.


Design of the keying system is the responsibility of Facilities & Service Enterprises and will be structured to assure security of campus facilities and user needs.

Fabrication of Keys:

Facilities & Service Enterprises fabricates all keys and performs all lock changes for campus facilities covered under these guidelines except for work performed by contractors, as engaged by the department concerned.

Key Hierarchy:

General - All campus perimeter access shall fall under one of the following keys/card access systems. No "off-keying" outside of these four (4) keyways and a key card system, is allowed for any perimeter doors.

  • Master Primus  - The master primus key is utilized for all building perimeter doors and special internal areas requiring a high degree of security and exclusive access control. The requirement for a Primus locks must be fully justified and installed only when there is no other option to maintaining exclusive control of the space. 
  • Mechanical and Electrical rooms – Mechanical & Electrical rooms’ access is limited to campus staff performing repair work, inspection services and or health & safety inspections. Contractors will be provided access to Mechanical & Electrical rooms, per need; provided that the Contractor furnishes the required documentation to Facilities & Service Enterprises.
  • GGM 1 – Primary Great Grand Master, provides access to General Campus, Great Grand Master, for all campus facilities except those under the secondary GGM 2.
  • GGM 2 - Secondary Great Grand Master provides access to Business, HSS (Partial) and Administration West (Partial).
  • Card Key - Provides exterior entry access to most Campus buildings and select interior spaces.

Installation requests for all new keyways and access control systems are submitted to Facilities and Service Enterprises for a review.

Key Issue Eligibility






VP Admin. & Finance

A VP Facilities

Chief Engineer

All DPS staff

EH&S staff


VP Admin. & Finance

AVP Facilities

Senior Director Facilities

MASTER Mechanical/Electrical Rooms

Service staff


Approved Contractor

AVP Facilities

Chief Engineer

Senior Director Facilities

MASTER Interior Doors


VP Admin. & Finance

Service Staff


AVP Facilities

Senior Director Facilities

Global Card Access- Electronic access to all building entrances and all interior spaces controlled by card access.



Select Facilities Service Staff

AVP facilities

Senior Director Facilities

General building, space access Keys and Card access

Campus Community

Department level key approver

Lot 1 Gate

Select Staff & Faculty

ADM building Coordinator &

Manager- Parking & Transportation

Gate access campus wide

Campus Community/Contractors

Department level key approver

Select ADM 5th floor

President & Staff




SHC staff


Director SHC

Campus Server Room ADM-009

DoIT staff


VP Admin. & Finance


DPS Evidence Locker

Chief of Police

Senior Officers

Chief of Police


Key Issuance:

Keys will be issued by Facilities & Service Enterprises based upon demonstrated need for access and input from the department's key approver. The lowest level of key will be issued that provides the level of access needed (e.g., change key, sub-master, building key, building master).

Issue of Keys and Access Cards to Students:

Hard keys will be issued to students, only if room/area cannot be accessed by a key card. Access cards issued to students will be limited up to 1 year from the date of issuance.

Student access cards will be issued in accord with the procedures and approval process outlined in Section VI. For renewal of the cards for periods longer than the original issue period, requesting department will submit a renewal request to Facilities Services, for each subsequent renewal term, as approved.

Keys shall not be loaned, borrowed or transferred without proper authority and documentation by Facilities & Service Enterprises.

Recipients must sign for keys and access cards, and are personally responsible for the use of the issued keys and access cards during their employment or contract term with the University until returned to the Facilities Service Center.

Key Issue Requirements:

  • Requested by designated requestor from the department.
  • Valid SFSU ID is required at the time of pick up. No other form of identification is accepted.
  • Student must be enrolled in current semester. The Department Key Coordinator/Requestor must check verification of class enrollment.
  • Key Request must be approved by the department approver, prior to submission to Facilities Service Enterprises.

Key and Access Card Issue Procedure:

Access to University space is provided to members of the university community and contractors who require access to perform their officially assigned duties and responsibilities.

Access to enter the major University buildings is only through electronic card access. No keys for building entrances will be issued except for buildings that do not have card access systems.

Access to all building interior spaces is via keys except for locations where card access has been installed.

Keys and Access Cards for members of the University community are obtained as follows:

  1. Department key requestor submits a key request.
  2. Department key approver reviews, approves and forwards to Facilities & Service Enterprises.
  3. Facilities & Service Enterprises verifies and assures that the authorizer is approving a space assigned the   requesting college, unit or organization.
  4. Key or Card is fabricated/produced.
  5. Key Holder/Requestor is notified by email or by a phone call if key is ready for collection.
  6. Holder collects the key(s)/card(s) at Facilities & Service Enterprises. Issue of key/card numbers recorded in Facilities & Service Enterprises key records. Key holder may designate an alternate to collect the keys with a written authorization. Keys are released only upon verification of SFSU ID by Facilities Service Center staff.

Lost or Stolen Keys:

Key holder is responsible for the safety and security of key(s) issued to each key holder. Stolen/lost/misplaced keys must be reported to Facilities & Service Enterprises immediately by the key holder or the department in an event key holder is unavailable. An incident report must be filed with UPD, prior to submitting replacement request to Facilities & Service Enterprises.

Designated requestor from the department is responsible for submitting an approved key request for replacement keys.  A copy of the incident report document must be provided with the replacement request.

Contractor Access:

Keys needed by contractors or other non-university users must be authorized by Facilities & Service Enterprises in consultation with Capital Planning and other Departments.  Project Managers or assigned SFSU personnel managing the projects will identify buildings and room access needs for contractors requiring access and submit an approved Key/card request, at least 5 business days prior to start of project. Project Managers or assigned SFSU personnel will notify Facilities & Service Enterprises when the project is completed. Contractors return keys to Facilities Service Center, immediately, upon completion of the project. If the contractor fails to return all keys issued, Facilities Service Center will notify the Project Manager or the assigned SFSU personnel.  Contractors are responsible for the cost of re-keying locks that may have been compromised due to non-return of keys issued to the contractors.

Key Return:

Keys must be returned to Facilities Service Center only. Upon return, Facilities Service Center will update holder’s record, and will issue a Key Return Receipt to the person returning the key.