University Executive Directives

University Executive Directives (UEDs) are guiding principles that promote consistency and operational efficiency, enhance our mission, mitigate significant organizational risk and apply to the University at large. UEDs may provide guidance to the campus on compliance with relevant laws, regulations, or CSU policies. They are approved by the campus President and change infrequently. The approval process for UEDs is rigorous, involving campus consultation and Vice Presidential approval prior to submission to the President. UEDs have the highest authority level of any campus policy and are effective immediately after the campus consultative process and upon the signature of the President.

All University Executive Directives are listed in order by year and list number. For example in UED 15-40 Smoke-Free Campus, the “15” reflects the year the UED was approved and the number “40” is the recent listed number of the UED to date.

Below you will find the most recent up-to-date University Executive Directives.

University Executive Directives
Name Number
Youth Protection Program (PDF) UED 21-46
The Acquisition, Installation, and Maintenance of Public Art (PDF) UED 20-45
Donations from Employees in Support of Their Own Programs/Research (PDF) UED 20-44
The Authorization and Administration of Fundraising Events (PDF) UED 15-43
Required Attire for Entering Laboratories Where Hazardous Materials Are Used Or Stored (PDF) UED 15-42
Receipt, Acceptance, Acknowledgement and Administration of Gifts (PDF) UED 15-41
Smoke-Free Campus (PDF) (Supersedes UED #04-33 and #03-31) UED 15-40
Allegations of Retaliation for Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities (PDF) (Supersedes UED #97-21) UED 14-39
Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety (PDF) UED 14-38
Affiliates Program (PDF) UED 11-37
Advertising (PDF) UED 10-36
Presidential Directive to Facilitate Graduation (PDF) UED 09-35
Confidentiality and Information Security Plan (PDF) (Revised Jun 2006) UED 04-32
Miscellaneous Course Fees (PDF) (Revised Apr 2007) UED 02-30
Nonresident Alien Taxation (PDF) UED 01-23
Risk Management (PDF) UED 01-22
Endowment of a Faculty Chair (PDF) UED 00-23
Disclosure of Conflict of Interest for Principal Investigators (PDF) UED 96-20
Closure of Campus Buildings (PDF) UED 94-17
Substance Abuse in the Workplace  (PDF) UED 90-15
Time, Place, and Manner: Use of Buildings and Grounds (PDF) (Amended Nov 2017) UED 89-13
Alcohol and Drugs (PDF) (Amended May 2021) UED 89-12
Emergency Administrative Leave Flex-Time (PDF) UED 89-11
Payment of Arbitration Costs (PDF) UED 86-10
Skateboards and Roller Skates (PDF) (Amended Aug 2016) UED 85-08
Vacation Accumulation and Carry-Over (PDF) (Supersedes UED #82-01) UED 84-08

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