About Us

Quality Assurance and Audit & Advisory Services is a part of the Office of the Vice President and CFO and both departments are led by Jesús Garcia, the Executive Director of Administration. Click below to learn more about our teams, our missions, and some of the projects we have worked on!



Text version of the organizational chart:

Jeff Wilson, Vice President & CFO, Administration & Finance

Jesús Garcia, Executive Director of Administration

Audit & Advisory Services

  • Vacant, Audit & Policy Coordinator

Quality Assurance

  • Anna Navarrete, Public Records Coordinator
  • Cheryl Leung, Senior Process Improvement Specialist
  • Karyn Huynh, Quality Assurance Analyst

Our mission is to

  • Analyze the needs of the University's most complex business functions

  • Facilitate the design, development, and documentation of business solutions

  • Guide campus employees on the appropriate response to process servers and records requests

  • Liaise between the Administration & Finance division and campus departments

  • Provide internal audit and consulting services to San Francisco State University and its auxiliary organizations

  • Provide review and recommendations on process and procedure improvements

  • Promote and support best business practices by improving University operations

Audit & Advisory Services

Audit & Advisory Services (A&AS) serves as a liaison between San Francisco State University and external audit agencies. A&AS conducts independent and objective assurance and consulting activities that are guided by a philosophy of adding value to improve San Francisco State University’s operations. A&AS also assists the University in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the organization 's governance, risk management, and internal controls.

Electronic Signatures

Quality Assurance has facilitated campus adoption and implementation of DocuSign, an electronic signatures solution tool. More than 200 process on campus are available to be filled out and signed electronically from departments like Human Resources, Fiscal Affairs, Procurement and Support Services, and Faculty Affairs and Professional Development. The use of electronic signatures has streamlined campus processes, enhanced security and compliance, and provided a sustainable way to conduct University business.


All Administration & Finance practice directives are maintained by Quality Assurance on the Policies and Practice Directives website. Quality Assurance also works collaboratively with departments to develop and update their practice directives and procedures by conducting research on best practices, creating draft documents, and providing an opportunity for customer feedback. As policy specialists, Quality Assurance provides guidance and solutions to inquiries regarding policy matters. 

Process Improvement

As the campus subject matter experts on continuous process improvement, Quality Assurance is committed to using best practices to optimize various departments’ operations and services. Leveraging available technology, Quality Assurance works with departments to redesign and implement processes that are more customer-oriented and streamlined. Quality Assurance leads regular meetings of the Process Improvement Advisory Team (PIAT) to collect input on process improvement initiatives from stakeholders across campus. 

Subpoenas and Public Records Requests

Many of San Francisco State University’s records are available for public inspection under the Public Records Act. To provide efficient, proper, and consistent response, Quality Assurance addresses all requests and manages the Subpoenas and Public Records Requests website. Quality Assurance also provides guidance to campus departments on how to respond to a public records request or a process server attempting to serve a lawsuit or subpoena on campus.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your efforts in our form on to DocuSign. I review scores of these form each week—and each requires about 5 signatures on average. Putting the form on Docusign will dramatically reduce the time it takes to move a new, updated, or renewed form through our system and to put it in place. It will also save a great deal of paper and do away with our search for form's signing status. This will make a significant difference for our team, and all of the teams we work with.
- Executive Director
DocuSign is a great tool for us to have, and I appreciate the work you and others did to bring this to fruition. We have several forms in our department that would benefit from using DocuSign to route, for sure.
- Administrator
Thank you, and happy to work with you on [DocuSign]. I appreciate your leadership on these issues. I appreciate your efforts and the simpler workflow processes.
- Dean